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"All our events are free for the public to attend. Please only purchase tickets if you want to exhibit your art."
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Open Art Night

Why do businesses sponsor Open Art Night? They believe in our mission to provide affordable exhibition space for artists at all levels. They trust that the community will benefit from Open Art Night events, where artists can meet each month, and the public has the chance to immerse themselves in a vast range of art from various mediums. Most importantly, they want to be actively involved and join us on this journey to help and support the arts.

What's in it for them? Open Art Night promotes their business on our website, at our events, and on our social media platforms, providing their business with more exposure to new customers. It's a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties contribute to each other's growth. We're in need of more businesses to support us on this journey; every sponsorship makes a significant difference in how we grow and the content we can bring to each event. With your support, we can help many more artists become established and exhibit their artwork in top venues around the country. Sponsor us today, and let's work together to build a better tomorrow.

Below are our sponsors, and we would like to express a big thank you for all their support in our mission.

Bournemouth Event Sponsors

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