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Exhibiting Information FAQ's

At Open Art Night, We Don't Do Rules, We Do Fair Play

Note: Exhibition places are allocated based on when you book your place the sooner you book the more prominent your art will be placed within the exhibition.

At Open Art Night, we embrace creativity without the constraints of excessive rules. In a world filled with countless regulations, we believe in a simple principle: fair play and mutual respect. Here, we prioritize the artistic spirit and the harmonious coexistence of artists and visitors alike. Our dos and don'ts are straightforward, emphasizing respect and cooperation:


  1. Be Kind and Enjoy Your Evening: Open Art Night is a celebration of art and camaraderie. Spread positivity and immerse yourself in the creative atmosphere.


  1. Criticize or Say Offensive Comments: Respect the work of fellow exhibitors and the experience of our visitors. Negative comments have no place here.

Understanding Fair Play: At Open Art Night, we operate on the principles of fairness and accommodation. We want all artists to have the opportunity to showcase their work, regardless of size or medium. Here's how we ensure fair play:

  • Art Size and Tickets: we request a contribution exhibition tickets, which provides you with adequate space for the amount of pieces of art you have purchased tickets for. We believe in flexibility, understanding that art comes in various sizes and shapes and we will provide the space you need.

  • Bringing Your Own Stands and Easels: You are welcome to bring your own stands and easels if you prefer. We're here to collaborate and make your art shine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Q: Can I Exhibit if I live outside of Dorset?

    • A: Yes, you are more than welcome to join us. Open Art Night is open to artists from all locations.

  • Q: Why do I have to pay to exhibit my artwork?

    • A: Organizing and promoting events like ours incur significant expenses. The contribution from artists helps cover these costs, allowing us to create a vibrant platform for all.

  • Q: Can I bring my own stands?

    • A: Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your own stands to showcase your art in a way that suits your vision.

  • Q: Will there be any display stands provided by Open Art Night?

    • A: Yes, we offer a variety of display options, from tables to upright stands. Our goal is to accommodate your art's unique needs and help it shine.

  • Q: What time can I start setting up my art?

    • A: You can begin setting up your art from 6 pm. We open to the public at 7 pm, and visitors are allowed during the setup time since our venues are open spaces.

  • Q: Do you take any commission for art I sell?

    • A: No, we do not charge any commission for art sold at our events. You retain 100% of your earnings from your art sales.

At Open Art Night, our aim is to provide a welcoming and collaborative space for artists to showcase their work and for art enthusiasts to appreciate their creativity. We invite you to be part of this artistic journey, where fair play, respect, and creative freedom reign supreme.

We would always welcome donations from artists if they do well in our exhibitions 


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