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This sculpture of the amazing Mr. Jack Sparrow is a very detailed and complex piece, taking over 100 hours to create. When working with polymer clay, all the colors are created from different-colored clays, meaning this sculpture has not been painted. The skill of the artist lies in being disciplined with each color as the sculpture is created. I think you will agree it is a stunning piece of art."

Jack Sparrow (Artist Paul Morrant)

SKU: 364215375135191
  • "The Open Art Gallery is a place for artists to exhibit and sell their artworks. Once you have selected your art piece, you can add it to the cart. We will take a 20% deposit to reserve and mark the art piece as sold. We will inform the artist, who will then contact you to arrange the method of shipping you would like. Once shipping is agreed upon, you will pay the remaining cost of your art and any shipping costs directly to the artist, who will then ship your art to you.

    Thank you for visiting our open gallery."

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