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About Us

Our Mission

At The Open Art Gallery And Events Company, our mission is to showcase the very best art from around the UK and eventually from around the world. We work with a diverse group of emerging and established artists to bring their work to a wider audience. Our online art gallery allows art enthusiasts to browse and purchase art from the comfort of their own homes. We strive to make the art buying experience as seamless as possible.

Our Events

 The Open Art Gallery and Events Company is dedicated to promoting and supporting artists. We host open art nights showcasing the work of emerging artists in the UK. Over time, we aim to expand our reach across the UK and around the world. Our team is passionate about art and dedicated to providing a platform for artists to showcase their work at an affordable price on a monthly basis, creating a community of like-minded people and a support network for creatives. As we grow, so will our online gallery, as we constantly discover new artists to exhibit in our online gallery, building a vast and exciting range of art for our customers to purchase."

Our Affiliates

We are proud to partner with a wide range of organizations and individuals who share our commitment to supporting the arts. , as well as individual artists and collectors. Together, we aim to promote a thriving arts community and ensure that art remains accessible to all.

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